Sacramento, CA

Sometimes you wanna go to where everyone inside remembers your name

Old building and old friends? Meet new beer and new friends.

About Us

Founded in 1957, Streetlights with Gabriel is the neighborhood spot that will keep you coming back for...wings, wings, and more wings! And cheesecake. Old building and old friends? Meet new beer and new friends. Ba-da-bing...




INSIDE SACRAMENTO, December 15, 2001

"Combine good fare, good beers on tap, and good ol' 'regular joes', and you have Streetlights with Gabriel. The perfect place to go if you just want to kick back and hold a glass of beer with your hands, and sip that beer while throwing (with your other hand) a couple of tiny metal darts at a circular wall dart board made of cork material and thick metal wire shaped into numbers. Yeah, Streetlights with Gabriel is the place to be."

CAPITAL CITY DAILY, December 14, 2007

"This is the definition of a watering hole. Dimly lit, frankly a bit hard to see the drink in front of you. For some reason, they have only the 'Lite' version of beers. But, all in all, all of these features lead to an effective dive bar feel, and make you wanna order more of those yum-tastic chicken wings."

NORCAL LOCAL, Blog, December 13, 2017

"A torrential downpour made me step in here. The bar's roof kept me dry for 10 minutes."


Cash or credit?

We take cash only. Please no credit cards, travelers check, or bitcoins.

Do you have gluten-free/dairy-free/vegetarian options?


What's the story with the old couch in the back?

Ask Bernie the bartender! Boy, does he have stories.

What should I order?

Our helpful staff of esteemed waiters will help you with your

What is your favorite Fast/Furious movie?

2 Fast 2 Furious

Is there a bathroom?

Please use the bus station bathroom next door.

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M-Th: 3 pm to 1am

Sat/Sun: 2 pm to Whenever